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Tree planting activity

As we go further into crowning our next Mutya ng Anao 2023 in March 15. We must also pay tribute to our mother nature that gives us the bounty of life that we are enjoying today, as we reap gifts from her we must also give back and help her to achieve stability and good health
Look: The tree planting activity of our Mutya ng Anao Candidates, held this march 12 at the new municipal building of our town.🌱🌳
Anaoeños! Ready your drums and trumpets for it is three more days to go before the much awaited coronation night of the Mutya ng Anao 2023
#MutyaNgAnao #MutyaNgAnao2023 #YlangYlangFestival #AnaoeñoAk #153rdFoundingAnniversary

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