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Office of the Municipal Mayor

Email Address: municipalityofanao[at]

Phone No.: 0969-172-4335

Telefax No. (044) 803-0015

Rural Health Unit

Phone No.: 0916-552-5150

Telephone No.: (045) 493-2019

Office of the Sangguniang Bayan

Telefax No. (045) 606-0299

Email Address: sbanao.tarlac[at]

Office of the Municipal Treasurer

Phone No.: 0915-885-0478

Telephone No.: (045) 606-0590

Municipal Agriculture Office

Phone No.: 0998-852-7459

Anao PNP Station

Phone No.: 0998-598-5478

Telephone No.: (045) 606-0473

Anao Water Supply System

Phone No.: 0927-949-0779

Disaster Risk Management Office

Phone No.: 0930-131-4546

Bureau of Fire Protection

Phone No.: 0945-516-2458

Telephone No.: (045) 925-4937

Official Website of Municipality of Anao, Province of Tarlac