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2022-016An Order Prescribing For The Allocation, For Locally – Produced Goods And Services, Of At Least Ten Percent (10%) Of The Total Procurement Value Of The Municipal Government Of Anao, Tarlac, Ngas, Rlas And Other Government Agencies Holding Offices In Anao, Tarlac And Their Mandatory Promotion ThereofMay 2, 2022
2022-015An Order Reconstituting And Strengthening The Municipal Peace And Order Council (MPOC) Of Anao, Tarlac.April 20, 2022
2022-014An Order Reconstituting The Municipal Disaster Quick Response Team Of Anao, Tarlac.April 20, 2022
2022-013BProviding Technical  Support To Component Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (BADAC)April 5, 2022
2022-013AProviding Financial Support To Component Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (BADAC)April 5, 2022
2022-012Reconstituting And Strengthening The Gender And Development Focal Point System Of The Municipality Of Anao, Tarlac, Designating Focal Point Person And Defining Its Functions.April 5, 2022
2022-011Reconstituting The Local Committee On Anti-Trafficking And Violence Against Women And Their Children (LCAT-VAWC) Of Anao.April 1, 2022
2022-010An Order Reconstituting And Revitalizing The Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction And Management Council (MDRRMC) In The Municipality Of Anao, Tarlac.April 1, 2022
2022-009An Order Reconstituting The Local Governance Transition Team Of The Municipalty Of Anao, TarlacMarch 23, 2022
2022-008An Order Organizing The Municipal Cbms Core Team (MCCT)March 15, 2022
2022-007Reconstituting The Local School Board (LSB) Of Anao, TarlacMarch 14, 2022
2022-006An Order Creating The Municipal Community-Based Monitoring System Coordinating BoardMarch 9, 2022
2022-005An Order Reconstituting The Municipal Council For The Protection Of Children (MCPC) Committee Of Anao, Tarlac.February 21, 2022
2022-004An Order Reconstituting The Local Development Council (LDC) Of Anao, Tarlac.January 13, 2022
2022-003An Order Reconstituting The Municipal Entrepreneurship And Advisory Council Of Anao, Tarlac.January 13, 2022
2022-002An Order Encouraging The Implementation Of The Regional Inter-Agency Task Force On Covid-19 (RIATF) And Regional Management Coordinating Committee (RMCC) On Regulating The Mobility Of Unvaccinated Individuals In The Municipality Of Anao, Tarlac.January 9, 2022
2022-001An Order Mandating The Establishment Of A Citizen’s Charter For The Municipality Of Anao And Reconstituting The Steering Committee And Task Force For The Purpose.January 3, 2022
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