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Ordinances 2020

2020-06An Ordinance Operationalizing Freedom of Information (FOI) In the Municipality of Anao and Providing Guidelines ThereforCoun. Jocelyn C. Punzalan / Coun. Catalino G. Ignacio, Jr.October 19, 2020
2020-05Institutionalizing The Use of The Name Child Development Center” (CDC) Replacing the Existing Day Care Center, Likewise, The Use of The Position Title “Child Development Teacher” (CDT Or Child Development Worker” (CDW) Replacing the Existing “Day Care Worker”.Coun. Concepcion C. AlmazanOctober 12, 2020
2020-04Reclassifying Parcel of Land Described As: Lot No. 848-A-2-E Under TCT No. CLOA-85022 And Lot No. 848-A-2-D Under TCT No. CLOA-85021 With an Area of Four Hundred Twenty-Five Square Meters (425 Sq.M.) And Four Hundred Ninety-Two Square Meters (492 Sq.M.) Respectively Situated at Barangay Sinense, Municipality of Anao, Province of Tarlac from Agricultural Lot to Agro-Industrial LotCoun. Rodolfo F. Guerrero/BodySeptember 7,
2020-03Reclassifying Parcel of Land Described As: Lot 21 Under TCT No. 043-2019009566 With an Area of One Thousand Six Hundred Fifty-Six Square Meters (1,656 Sq.M.) More Or Less Situated at Barangay Suaverdez, Municipality Of Anao, Province Of Tarlac.Coun. Jocelyn C. Punzalan/BodyAugust 10, 2020
2020-02An Ordinance Strictly Imposing Safety Measures to Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus Disease 19 (Covid-19) And Other Emerging Infectious Disease in The Municipality of Anao, Tarlac and For Other Purposes, Providing Penalties for Violation Thereof.BodyMay 4, 2020
2020-01Ordinance Mandating All Residents and Transients the Wearing of Protective Face Masks Outside Residence Within the Territorial Jurisdiction of The Municipality of Anao.Coun. Rodolfo F. GuerreroApril 20, 2020
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