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Ordinances 2018

2018-186An Ordinance Prohibiting the selling and promotion of Junk Food and Sugary Drinks to Preparatory, Elementary and High School Students inside and within one hundred (100) meters perimeter in Public and Private Schools in the Municipality of Anao and providing penalties for violations thereof.Coun. Rodolfo F. GuerreroAugust 13, 2018
2018-185An Ordinance Regulating the transport of fish and other Aquatic or fishery products coming in and going out of the Municipality of Anao, providing penalty thereof, and formulating the necessary implementing rules and regulations for the purpose.Coun. Concepcion C. Almazan /Coun. Cesar C. BautistaJuly 9, 2018
2018-184Reproduction Health Code of the Municipality of AnaoCoun. Imelda L. CuchapinJune 25, 208
2018-183Amending Municipal Ordinance No. 2003-097 – An Ordinance formally Adopting the ” Anao… Ang Bayan ko” as the Official Tula ng Bayan.Coun. Concepcion C. Almazan/ BodyJanuary 22, 2018
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