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Ordinances 2013

M.O. No. 2013-155Yellow Paint
M.O. No. 2013-153“An Ordinance Awarding Of Cash Incentive To Three Termer Punong Barangays In The Municipality And Providing Funds Therefore.”Committee on Finance, Appropriations Ways and MeansOctober 24, 2013
M.O. No. 2013-152 “Amending item No. 18 and 20, Under Section 13 – The Water Supply Service Contract And Section 14 – Imposition of Fees, Under Municipal Ordinance No. 2009-133 – “The Anao Water Supply System Act”.”Committee on RulesMarch 18, 2013
M.O. No. 2013-151“An Ordinance Strengthening The Municipality’s Crime Prevention Drive By Requiring All Owners/Drivers Of Single Motorcycles To Register Their Motorcycle Unit At The Anao Police Station Office, Operating Within the Territorial Jurisdiction of the Municipality.”Services, Women & Family Committee on RulesJanuary 16, 2013
M.O. No. 2013-150 ” An Ordinance Regulating Child Delivery In Homes, the Practice of Midwives and Traditional Birth Attendants (Hilots), and Providing for Guidelines in the Operation of the Anao Municipal Birthing Home and other Purposes”.Services, Women & Family Committee on Health, SocialJanuary 14, 2013
M.O. No. 2013-149“An Ordinance Establishing and Adopting a set of Measures & Systems to Ensure Effective and Efficient Implementation of the Maternal New-Born Child Health and Nutrition (MNCHN), including the Setting Up of Management Structures to Oversee Implementation and Coordinating Mechanisms to Implement MNCHN Services, and Ensuring Commodity Self-Reliance (CSR)”.Committee on Health, SocialJanuary 14, 2013
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