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Ordinances 2005

M.O. No. 2005-111Ordinance Institutionalizing the Municipal Annual Renewal of Love of Country Thru the Raising of the Giant Flag at the Anao Public Plaza every 1st Monday of the Year
M.O. No. 2005-109Prohibiting Persons to Sell Buy And Or Drink Intoxicating Liquor from 6pm to 6am
M.O. NO. 2005-108Ordinance Declaring the Permanent Closure of Calle Jon Road Located at Barangay Poblacion
M.O. No. 2005-107Ordinance Opening the Eastern Portion of Blongo Road Located
M.O. No. 2005-106Ordinance Declaring Lots Along the Provincial Municipal and Barangay Roads as Residential and or Commercial Areas
M.O. No. 2005-104Prohibiting the Burning of Hays, Grasses, Vegetable Matters and other Decaying Plants that can be Transformed into Natural Fertilizer
M.O. No. 2005-103Prohibiting the Open Burning of Litters Garbage and Cementing of the Base of Trees
M.O. No. 2005-102Children s Welfare Code
M.O. No. 2005-101Ordinance Prohibiting Vandalism, Destruction, Graffito Markings and other Similar Acts on Government Properties
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