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Ordinances 2003

M.O. No. 2003-097Adopting the Anao Ang Bayan Ko as the Official Tula ng Bayan
M.O. No. 2003-096Requiring All 18 Barangay Councils to Allocate Funds for their PHILHEALTH Premiums
M.O. No. 2003-094Prohibition from Selling Junk Foods to Children
M.O. No. 2003-094Prohibiting All Stores, Canteens and other from Selling Junk Foods to Children
M.O. No. 2003-093Banning the Selling of Non-Iodized Salt
M.O. No. 2003-092Adoption of the Awit ng Anao as the Official Hymn of the Town
M.O. No. 2003-091Quarantine of Suspected SARS Victim
M.O. No. 2003-090Banning of Astray Animals In Public and Private Places
M.O. No. 2003-08918 Brgy Seals
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