ANAO : a progressive Eco-Tourism and Agro-Industrial center, led by politically mature, God-fearing leaders and citizenry, living in a peaceful, environmentally-sustainable and disaster-resilient community.


Towards this vision, the LGU and the people of Anao shall strive to strengthen the capabilities of the municipal government to effectively provide the basic services for the welfare of the people; institutionalized people's empowerment by enjoining them to participate in local governance, in the wise use of resources to achieve a progressive and sustainable community without compromising the future generation.


To encourage and strengthen family ties by building "character" families.


  • Provide sufficient water supply from 86% to 100% of the total households.
  • To increase substantially the income of the people engaged in agriculture and fisheries.
  • To augment the income of the people through livelihood and agro-industrial activities (e.g. ylang-ylang, eco-tourism)
  • Provide adequate infrastructure facilities such as irrigation, power, telecommunications and recreational facilities